Terracotta Plant Pots

Having plants indoors is an excellent way to add a touch of style to any part of the house or office. Especially when they’re in terracotta plant pots that enhance the design of the room. Decorative plants bring a lot of positive vibes as they help boost moods, improve creativity, lessen stress, and remove air pollutants. It adds life to a room and at the same time reduces noise levels. Generally, decorative plants help us feel positive and happy.

While others just put plants inside the house or office without much thought except to just brighten up the place—which is fine—you still have to put a little effort in really brightening up the place. And terracotta plant pots from Plant People will just do the trick. These plant pots come in a variety of colours, designs, and sizes. These pots give character to whatever available space there is, especially if you know what kind of decorative plants you need for these indoor or outdoor spaces.

Indoor Plants for Terracotta Pots

But what kind of indoor plants thrive in terracotta plant pots? These are indoor plants that thrive in soil that dries out before watering. Some of the indoor plants that are perfectly suited to terracotta pots are the following:

  • Cacti like prickly pear, Easter lily, powder puff
  • Orchids like cattleya, moth orchids, lady’s slippers, pansy
  • Philodendrons like green heartleaf, Xanadu, pink princess, blushing philodendron
  • Bromeliads like Vrieseas, Guzmanias, Neoregelias
  • Succulents like Echeveria, aloe vera, string of pearls
  • Peperomias like obtusifolia, string of turtles rotundifolia, watermelon
  • Sansevierias like coral, moonshine, golden flame
  • Hoyas like Krimson Queen, New Guinea Gold, krinkle

Properties of Terracotta Pots

Porosity. Terracotta pots are porous in nature, allowing air and water to move through, preventing soil disease and root rot.

Strength. Stronger than clay and other earthen pots as they are baked for a long time in the fire. Some even use terracotta as a building material.

Fire Resistant. Proof of it being fire-resistant is that some use terracotta as cookware. Some even have terracotta roofing.

Insulation. Its insulating properties cool the soil for the plants to thrive and draw the water out of the soil to help it dry quicker.

Weatherproof. Winter, summer, whatever the season is, no matter what temperature, terracotta can survive any extreme weather condition.

With these properties, your indoor plants will definitely grow well. And as time goes by, terracotta develops a beautiful patina, further improving its look as it ages.

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