Large Outdoor Plant Pot

There’s a large outdoor plant pot for every decorative outdoor plant you have, made from durable materials that can withstand extreme temperatures and weather. They’re either made from fibrestone or terracotta, and come in many designs, shapes, and sizes. If you’re looking to repot your outdoor plants, Plant People can readily provide you with the kind of large outdoor plant pot you need. Take your pick from our selection of plant pots that will surely add to the overall appearance of your house, buildings, and other structures.

Our selection of terracotta and fibrestone pots, some of which can be bought in sets, is ideal for outdoor use, especially if you have decorative outdoor plants. They will definitely complement not only the exterior of your house but will provide a suitable place for your outdoor plants to thrive. This is because terracotta and fibrestone materials are breathable. The materials used to make these pots are sturdy and durable, making them weatherproof, and well-suited for outdoor use.

Advantages of Terracotta

As previously mentioned, terracotta pots are breathable, letting air and water move through. This prevents root rot and soil diseases. The other advantages of using outdoor terracotta pots are the following:

  • Ideal for cacti, succulents, and other plants that thrive in dry soil.
  • Best to use in colder climates as the wall of the pot draws water out, letting the soil dry faster.
  • Terracotta pots are inexpensive.
  • The pots acquire a patina in time, giving them a classic appearance.
  • Terracotta pots can be used as containers for outdoor gardening.

Advantages of Fibrestone

Fibrestone pots usually have a modern design. They’re lightweight, have an organic look despite their composition, are weatherproof, and are very durable. Given these attributes, fibrestone pots also have the following advantages:

  • Fibrestone pots offer a wide range of designs and colours that are visually appealing and stylish.
  • They are sturdy and can last longer under extreme weather conditions.
  • They provide a highly favourable environment for outdoor plants to grow.
  • Fibrestone mimics real stone, and some are made to look like concrete.
  • The natural look and feel of fibrestone easily fit traditionally designed homes, buildings, offices, etc.

Decorative Outdoor Plants

Now that you have an idea about which pots will suit your needs, here are some outdoor plant suggestions that will look good in any of our large outdoor plant pots:

Blueberries. They’re easy to grow and bloom abundantly. The evergreen variety, especially the Blueberry Burst, flowers the whole year.

Geraniums. Choose the big red ones or as they’re called, Geranium Big Red. They have bold red flowers all year round and have terrific resistance to disease.

Mandevillas. Known as Chilean Jasmine, these plants can either be grown as climbers or bushlets based on your gardening skills. The pink, white, and red varieties have glossy leaves, adding to their beauty.

Dwarf Kangaroos. They’re also called bush gems or bush fantasy. They come in many colours but are usually bred for their superior flowering.

If you want to know more about outdoor decorative plants suitable for your large outdoor plant pots, Plant People are at your service.

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