Indoor Plant Pots

If you’re looking to brighten up your home or office interiors with plants and pots, then Plant People will help you bring some greenery in. We have some gorgeous indoor plant pots to go along with them. We’re an excellent source of a variety of indoor plant pots that easily blend in with your home or office interior designs. All these come in various shapes and sizes that will perfectly fit wherever you want them.

We’ve got terracotta pots and urns, fibrestone pots and bowls, planter pot sets, ceramic pots, and more. Whether they’re for décor (like our large urns and pots) or for use with indoor and outdoor plants, we’re sure you’re looking to find one that will suit your purpose. What we can assure you of is that all our plant pots and planters are crafted from materials that make them durable and weatherproof. This makes them all suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Terracotta Collection

Here are some of our terracotta pot collection:

  • Our White Terracotta Coastal Ring Pots that come in stunning white, hand-painted and sealed to keep water longer for plants that have higher water requirements. Available in three individual sizes (S, M, L) or as a set of 3. White Terracotta Coastal Urns, on the other hand, come in two individual sizes, S and L, but can be bought as a set of 2.
  • If you’re looking for something more conventional, then our Terracotta Crete Art Pots will definitely work for you. These handmade pots combine artistry with traditional Cretan pottery methods resulting in the intrinsic beauty and durability of the final product. Available individually in 3 sizes and for pre-order.
  • For a timeless and naturally-aged look, our Antique Terracotta Planter Pot Sets will achieve the desired result. Continued use in the garden will age it further, adding to its vintage appearance. Available in egg shape and U shape designs, these planter pot sets are not suitable for frost-prone areas and are available individually or as a set. Quantity for these sets is limited.

Fibrestone Collection

Our fibrestone collection is perfectly suited to modern homes and offices. We offer a wide variety that will enhance the overall aesthetic of any space, whether indoors or outdoors. We have Cindy pots that come in black and white, white belly pots, plaza ball pots in white, egg pots that come in 4 sizes (S, M, L, XL) and 4 jumbo sizes for pre-order, white Duffey pots that come in 3 sizes, black egg pots in 2 sizes, Terrazzo black bowls, and Bobby bowls.

With the variety of sizes they come in, our fibrestone collection will surely lend its own unique flavour to wherever room you decide to put them in, especially if you have already decided which indoor plants to use. Aside from the ones mentioned, other earthenware on offer from Plant People are ceramic urns, Poppy ceramic pots, Eric ceramic pots and saucers, Bella round rustic iron pot holders in green.

We Are Your Plant Authority

Plant People is your best source for all things greenery and then some. You can find indoor plant pots like terracotta plant pots, fibrestone plant pots, ceramics, indoor and outdoor decorative plants, potted plants, arrangements, flowers, gardening tools and accessories, handmade local products, beautiful gift items, art & sculptures, jewellery, and more. We have a great selection to make your home or office interiors cosy, welcoming, and attractive. Brighten up your available space with our collection of indoor plants and accessories. Call Plant People. Your Plant Authority.