Fibre Planting Pots

Light and sturdy, fibrestone plant pots have been gracing the interiors of modern homes and offices for quite some time now. Thanks to the many available designs and finishes that Plant People has in their collection. In addition to complementing the design of any interior or exterior of a house or office, they also make redecorating or sprucing up any available room easier. It’s just going to be a question of what kind of decorative indoor or outdoor plants you will use to give that right atmosphere you want to create.

Fibrestone plant pots are made from a mixture of glass fibre and crushed stones. Its texture can be rough or sandy, giving that look and feel of real stone or concrete, or it can have a finish that’s smooth to lightly textured. It can be used indoors and outdoors because they are made of durable materials and can withstand any temperature, which makes them weatherproof. Plant People has a fine collection of fibrestone to suit your indoor or outdoor plant needs.

Suitable Plants for Fibre Planting Pots

Just about any decorative indoor or outdoor plant can be placed in Fibre Planting Pots. Here are some ideas that you might want to consider for your indoor plants:

  • Cyclamen. This decorative plant blooms with white, pink, or purple flowers during the cooler months. Similarly, orchids should be placed in well-lit areas but not in direct sunlight.
  • Fiddle leaf fig. You can find this large plant with violin-shaped leaves in receiving areas or the living room. They are usually planted in large Fibre Planting Pots in a bright, well-lit place.
  • Peace lily. It grows to around a foot high. The dark shiny foliage is accented by soft white flowers. It gives off that calming mood in any room.
  • Phalaenopsis orchid. This flowering plant comes in many colours and lasts for three months from the bud. It thrives in bright areas but not in direct sunlight.
  • Philodendron xanadu. It grows to a metre high and can tolerate low light levels.

There are other decorative plants that can brighten up your indoors such as air plants, lucky bamboos, anthuriums, Zanzibar gems, cast iron plants, dragon trees, and calatheas.

Benefits of Fibre Planting Pots

Pots and planters made from fibrestone are the preference of many property owners for their homes, buildings, stores, commercial complexes, and the like. That’s because of the following benefits which we are enumerating below:

Weather-resistant. This makes Fibre Planting Pots and planters durable, low maintenance, and less aftercare, making it ideal for indoor or outdoor use.

Portability. Fibre Planting Pots and planters are lightweight, making it easy to rearrange and re-layout the space you have as you feel like it.

Affordability. Compared to stone and wood pots, Fibre Planting Pots and planters are a cheaper alternative.

Aesthetics. Fibre Planting Pots and planters easily blend in with the interior or exterior designs of your home or office as they come in various shapes, designs, colours, and sizes.

Definitely, fibrestone plant pots are a practical and economical way to add life and character to your home interiors or exteriors. Plant People can help you find the right fibrestone plant pots for your home or office.

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