Cactus Bowl Planter

A cactus plant needs the right cactus bowl planters in order for it to thrive. And Plant People has an impressive collection of containers like cactus bowl planters and pots that will surely encourage any cactus plant to grow to its full potential. These containers can be displayed indoors or outdoors. Aside from ensuring that the materials used in making the pots and bowls are advantageous to the cactus plants themselves, you should also consider the shape of the container which you will place them in.

Shape Matters

It's imperative that the shape of the container is roughly the same size as your cactus plant. That’s because cacti’s roots do not grow long. If potted in a large cactus bowl planters, the roots will just be in the middle. Ideally, the best containers to use are cylindrical, short, and square. Narrow, tall, and deep containers are not recommended containers for cacti. Having a pot or bowl that allows the cacti to use all the soil it needs will provide them with the environment to grow. The pot or bowl should have some space in the bottom for water to drain.

A Piece of Advice

Just keep this in mind: for cacti with long roots, you will need a deeper pot; for roots that grow sideways, you will need a wide bowl. Always consider leaving some space for drainage, so the pot should be a tad deeper than the roots. Cylindrical cacti usually have long roots while short and spherical cacti have short roots. Your experts at Plant People will know how long or how wide any cacti grow their roots. We will be happy to recommend which pots or bowls are suitable for the cactus plants you want to buy for your home or office.

Terracotta for Your Cacti

Plant People has terracotta containers for your cactus plants. Terracotta containers are porous, allowing air and moisture for efficient evaporation, and preventing root rot. It also helps the soil dry quicker because terracotta draws water out of the soil, making it an ideal environment for your cactus plant to grow in. For decorative purposes, terracotta easily blends in with its surroundings. You may have them inside or outside your home. Their weight is just right so you can easily move them wherever you want them to be. And there’s a beautiful patina that builds up with time, making them look better with age. Best of all, terracotta is not expensive.

Fibrestone for Your Cacti

Just like terracotta, fibrestone is also porous, allowing cacti and other succulents to thrive. They’re also weather-resistant. That said, fibrestone containers, ie. pots, bowls, planters, etc. are highly portable as they are of lighter weight. This makes it easy to move them indoors or outdoors. They are the most ideal planters for any modern home or office because of their designs, colours, and shapes available. You can find fibrestone planters in many hotels, restaurants, and other business establishments. And yes, they are not expensive.

We Are Your Plant Authority

Plant People is your trusted source for all things greenery and then some. We’re sure you’ll find the perfect cactus bowl planters you need! That’s because we have all kinds of plant pots, indoor and outdoor decorative plants, potted plants, arrangements, flowers, gardening tools and accessories, handmade local products, beautiful gift items, art & sculptures, jewellery, and more. Find the appropriate item for your home or office that will make it more cosy, welcoming, and attractive. For indoor or outdoor decorative plants, call Plant People. Your Plant Authority.