Buy Large Outdoor Plants

When you buy large outdoor plants, make sure you get them from Plant People. Plant People is a great source of decorative plants for both indoors and outdoors, and with a wide collection of cactus plants, succulents, and all things greenery and more (yes, we also have garden accessories and gift items like jewellery on offer!), you will surely have something for your home or office, or gift items for your friends and loved ones.

We have made it convenient for you to buy large outdoor plants. Many of our outdoor plants are already potted in fibrestone and terracotta pots for your convenience. And we also offer free delivery within the Gold Coast. Those living outside of Goldy will have a minimum delivery fee. Plus, we carefully pack our plants safe and secure so that you will receive them all in excellent condition, whether you decide to pick them up onsite or have them shipped to your address.

Outdoor Plants For Your Consideration

Many outdoor plants can add their inherent aesthetics to your space at home or in the office. Here are some great ideas that you might want to consider:

Mermaid Tail. Many plants can double as indoor or outdoor plants. And the Mermaid Tail is one of them. They grow well in full sun or bright indirect light. This succulent plant is native to the eastern part of South Africa. The plant usually grows outward instead of towards the light as most plants do. The bluish-green colour of its leaves makes this cactus succulent combo plant an ideal décor outside or inside your home or office.

Blue Torch Cactus. This cactus plant (Pilosocereus azureus) can grow to 10 feet tall, making it ideal for your outdoor space. It is one of the most unique columnar cacti because of its blue stems complemented by gold spines. They also grow big and marvellous white funnel-shaped flowers that are quite showy. These cacti are native to the semi-tropical areas of Brazil. Just like all cactus plants, the blue torch cactus needs bright sunlight, proper drainage, and occasional water to prevent rot. Plant People has a variety of pots that will perfectly hold your blue torch cactus plant.

Cowboy Cactus. This iconic cactus plant got its name because of its constant presence in many western movies. Cowboy cactus (Euphorbia ingens) is also a certified attention grabber in a large, open space. Unlike other cacti, the cowboy cactus grows fast, exceeding a metre of growth every year, and can grow as much as 15 metres in height. Your plant experts at Plant People will be happy to recommend the most suitable pots for this outdoor cactus plant.

If you want to buy large outdoor plants, Plant People has an impressive collection of decorative outdoor plants. If you want them potted, give us a call and we’ll be more than happy to arrange that for you.

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