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If you’re one of the many cactus lovers searching for cactus plants on the web, you’ve come to the right place. You can now buy cactus plants from Plant People. Plant People boasts a wide range of cacti that you can purchase online without worries! That’s because cacti are one of the sturdiest plants around that can withstand shipping. And the fact that they can withstand long periods without water, our cactus plants will reach your doorsteps still looking fresh and none the worse for wear.

When you buy cactus plants, you have to be sure where you’re buying them from. Plant People is your plant authority when it comes to cacti and other decorative indoor and outdoor plants. We take pride in our collection of bespoke indoor and outdoor decorative plants and pots, paying close attention to each detail, especially when we ship them out to you. We pack them carefully for shipping so you can enjoy them in their wholesome state.

Cactus Plants For Your Consideration

Cowboy Cactus. Called as such because it usually has the iconic double arms seen in many western movies, that cactus’ scientific name is Euphorbia ingens. If you keep them potted, the cacti will surely be an attraction regardless of whether you have them outdoors or indoors. Cowboy cacti can become a problem if planted in the ground as they grow fast and large.

Pincushion Cactus. This particular cactus is scientifically called Mammilaria zeilmanniana. Mammilaria cacti are native to Mexico. Interestingly, the spines of this cactus are arranged according to the Fibonacci sequence. They grow the prettiest purple or pink flowers during springtime. Pincushions are a welcome addition to your outdoor garden or even indoors, preferably where they get direct sunlight for 4 hours. Our pincushion cacti are available in Amy Pots.

Kalanchoe Fang. Known for its unique and eye-catching foliage, this cactus that’s native to Madagascar can grow to about 3 to 5 feet when not potted. The fleshy leaves of this cactus plant have many fang-like bumps that can be found on the underside, hence the “fang” in its name. Given certain conditions, they also flower from spring to summer, in bright orange or red blooms.

Monstrose Apple Cactus. Native to Peru, this cactus plant is also known as Cereus peruvianus ‘monstrosus’ and comes in columnar form. As the cactus matures, it blooms small white flowers giving way to fruit (orange to red in colour) that looks very similar to an apple. The fruit is edible and its flavour is similar to dragon fruit. The flowers, however, live for less than 24 hours.

Melocactus Curvispinus. These cactus plants grow in various parts of South America and the Caribbean. They cannot tolerate frost and prefer moist environments with high temperatures. A popular species that produces flower buds on its top, they're also called Buche Cactus.

Aside from the ones mentioned, we have a wide collection of cactus plants to choose from onsite, as well as when you buy cactus plants. We offer free delivery to 4215, Gold Coast from $30 per delivery.

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